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The Station Store & Cafe

You can purchase a special memento of your Cobb & Co. experience, a range of Australian made quality goods are available at the Station Store. The Station Store replicates an original Cobb & Co. ‘Changing Station’ , used by Cobb & Co. to change horse teams and rest passengers along the route.


The Station Store

126 Eagle Street, Longreach Q 4730

Ph. 07 4658 2006 F. 07 4658 2006


Open Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm

Saturday 9am to 12 noon


Many products are unique to the Station Store. Each has been carefully selected on the basis of distinctiveness, quality and authenticity. A visit to the store is a special Outback experience all of its own. Many of our products are stamped with the Station Store logo.



There is a complete range of hats from tourist/ squashable/ cowboy/ felt/ beaver fur/ leather/ knitted, and all from top quality manufacturers – so that all heads are covered!!!

Felt Hats

This supplier is Aussie. One of Australia’s oldest hat companies. There is a complete style and size range from Children’s to Adult – some carrying The Station Store branding – Beaver fur hats have also been recently added to the range!!!

Leather Hats

We stock a carefully selected range of leather hats made from Buffalo, Goatskin, Kangaroo, Cowhide or Pigskin.


The Harold Boots range is second to none. In 1912 Fredrick Harold came to Australia and the Harold Boots factory has operated ever since. The range is from work boots right through to the top of the line dress boots.

There is also a budget range of leather western boots – very popular with the children’s ‘cowboy boot market’, and also a range of elastic sided children’s boots.

Jeans & Clothing

Bluedog offer a full range of western clothing. All core products are Australian made and the Station Store carries a full size and colour range. Bluedog has been making their range of clothing for over ten years and is already the top selling Aussie jean.

Bullrush Clothing

This is an extremely Classic Country range that is very popular with locals and visitors alike.


An extremely popular label driven by a very progressive company.

Burke & Wills

This is a complete range of all Australian made Oilskins for adults. Oilskin wool lined vests, lightweight canvas coats with leather collar and trims, and of course the traditional oilskin coats.

Burke & Wills Swags

An absolute top quality product and of course the Station Store wouldn’t be a ‘fair dinkum’ Aussie Outback shop without a range of swags!!!

Rugs and Hides

A boutique range of cow, rabbit and kid hides and products carefully selected for presentation and display in the store. These items are great for store display, and of course, someone is always tempted to buy them!

Syd Hill and Sons Saddlery

This is one of Australia’s oldest saddlers and still in operation today. A saddlery range adds a real western horseman/cowboy ambience to the store. The saddlery area was designed to give visitors a taste and feel of the real “Aussie Stockman”.


We offer a range of whips. A lower priced whip for those just wanting to learn how to crack one, a range of quality red hide whips made by the Sydney Royal Show Winner, and whips that are nearly too good to use!!!

Replica Guns

These are an absolute winner. There is everything from a Ned Kelly pistol or rifle through to Cavalry Colt pistols. These products have again added to the western frontier/outback theme within the Station Store.


A unique collection of Cobb & Co. themed items all carrying our branding is now in stock available with interesting new products continuing to arrive.

Metal Signs

This is a product range of replicated old advertising signs relevant to Cobb & Co. era, Harness Horse, Syd Hill & Sons, Australian Cattle dog, border collie, Kelpie, Billy Tea, Arnott’s and Pears soap to name a few.

Soft Toys

A selection of absolutely great items including wombats, koalas with swags, dingos, kangaroos and joeys, border collies, blue heelers, teddies in oilskins, horses and cows. These have become a trademark product of the store as visitors and locals buy them hand over fist!

Horseshoe Art

This is a whole range of items made from horseshoes designed for and exclusive to The Station Store. The range includes door knockers, serviette-salt and pepper holders, key racks, coat racks, lamp stands, candle holders, bathroom caddies, business card holders, hotpot stands and letter openers – real original and authentic Outback products.

Contact Us


The Station Store

126 Eagle Street, Longreach Q 4730

Ph. 07 4658 2006 F. 07 4658 2006